New Parishioners

Welcome to St Michael's!

If you are new to the parish, please complete a 'New Parishioner' card, which you will find on the table at the back of the church or click here to download a copy as a Word document. Details that you provide will be entered on our database so that we have accurate records and all information will be treated confidentially. A copy of our data protection policy can be found at the back of the church. The same card can also be used to inform us of any changes to your contact details. Completed cards should be handed in to either a welcomer or a member of the clergy.

Two or three time a year, we hold a ‘bring a dish’ parish lunch, where everyone brings a plate of food to share with others. Held in the Parish Hall, this is a great opportunity to meet and get to know other parishioners. Watch out for these and come along if you can!


This website should provide you with most of the information you need, so please take a few minutes to browse the various pages.

Once you settle in, you may want to get more involved in parish activities. We regularly ask for volunteers for the various ministries, groups and committees, so please come forward and join in whatever you can. If you have a special skill that the parish could benefit from, please talk to us about it or fill in the form that can found at the back of the church or please click here.

Finally, if you need more information or help, please talk to one of the welcomers at any of the weekend Masses. We look forward to getting to know you.

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