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This page is for people who regularly donate to St. Michaels but have not yet joined the Gift Aid scheme. By enrolling in Gift Aid, the church can get back the tax from the government on the donated amount for those who pay tax.

The Gift Aid Scheme started in 1990 to help charities increase their funds by reclaiming tax on money received from taxpayers. If you pay any type of tax, like income tax or tax on investments, you can use the Gift Aid scheme to further support charities.

As a charity, St. Michaels can get back £2.50 for every £10 donated by taxpayers who have filled out a Gift Aid form. The church can keep track of the amount received through Gift Aid using standing orders or cash donations in numbered envelopes.

Many regular donors prefer standing orders over cash donations for better donation tracking. However, there is evidence that more people can join the Gift Aid scheme. Donations made anonymously in collection baskets cannot be reclaimed through Gift Aid, leading to a significant amount of unclaimed tax. The church's funds are under pressure due to increased expenses on building works, rising fuel costs, and inflation.

Once a standing order is set up, donors are encouraged to review and increase their donations when possible. Online banking makes it easy to adjust standing orders, or changes can be made by visiting the bank branch.

If you have any questions or need help signing up for Gift Aid, the finance team at St. Michaels is ready to assist.

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Gift Aid forms to join the Gift Aid scheme are available at the back of the church near the notice boards. You can either grab a form or click on the Gift Aid image to download a printable version. After filling out the form, kindly drop it in the Gift Aid box at the back of the church. Your support in this effort is greatly appreciated.

HM Revenue & Customs For further information on the Gift Aid scheme, click the HM logo.
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