Mass Information


To arrange a baptism contact the parish office by phone (0118 972 3418) or email . The Parish Hall may also be available to hire if required and, as it is situated on the grounds just behind the church, it is an ideal venue to celebrate an occasion such as this. More details about the hall, the current booking rate and information on availability can be found on the Parish Hall page.

Weekday Masses

Usually 9.30am Monday to Friday. Please see the current bulletin on the Newsletters page or pick up a paper copy in the church to check for any changes.

Weekend Mass Times

Saturday 5.30pm
Sunday 9.00am and 10.30am

Saturday Vigil 5.30pm - no hymns

The first weekend Mass, the Saturday Vigil, begins at 5:30pm.


Sunday 9am Mass - hymns and music

The 9am is the earlier of the two Sunday masses.

Sunday 10:30am - Family Mass

The last Sunday Mass begins at 10:30am. This Mass is aimed at families with small children and a special liturgy for the children is held in the Parish Hall during the first part of Mass. Parents can allow their children to go to the hall by themselves or accompany and stay with them if the want to.

Please note that Adults who are part of team of liturgists must collect and fill in a CRB form from one of our safeguarding co-ordinators who are Mary Lewis and the Parish Priest.

On the first Sunday of every month we hold a youth mass  where the children lead the 10:30am Mass. With the help of adult members from the parish and St. Martin's School, they organise the prayers, perform the music, and do the readings and Gospel.


Our choir participate at this mass and are always happy to welcome new members. We would appreciate it if there are any gents in the parish who would like to give it a go as the current choir is made up of mostly ladies.


Anyone who does not want to take communion but would prefer to have a blessing instead is welcome to come up during the communion. The priest will bless you if you cross your arms across your chest and bow your head as you approach him.





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