St Michael Sonning Common
The Month of May

The Rosary will be prayed after the 12.00pm Masses on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be followed live on the video stream.

St Michael's is open for public worship and follows the government guidlines for social distancing. Before visiting the church for the first time please read our Covid Guidlines by clicking here. Our maximum capacity is 40. There is no booking system and of the weekend Masses the 9.00am Sunday Mass has fewest people present.

During the current pandemic the Sunday obligation to attend Mass is suspended. All Masses are streamed live on our YouTube channel and can be accessed via the following links:

Wednesday 12th May - 7.00pm Vigil for The Ascension https://youtu.be/80nZtMt-_wY
Thursday  13th May - 12.00pm (The Ascension) https://youtu.be/_RbbiGAt7B4
Friday 14th May - 9.30am (St Matthias) https://youtu.be/FVUYxFbzBnk
7th Sunday of Easter (Vigil) 15th May - 5.30pm https://youtu.be/AaUXxhiYU1s
7th Sunday of Easter 16th May - 9.00am https://youtu.be/DSZbKUVHqzU
7th Sunday of Easter 16th May - 10.30am https://youtu.be/vVDsQDT_J78
Monday 17th May - 9.30am https://youtu.be/00f0rU0J1Xo
Tuesday 18th May - 12.00pm (Mass + Rosary) https://youtu.be/vaKrkXymKaY
Wednesday 19th May - No Mass 
Thursday  20th May - 12.00pm (Mass + Rosary) https://youtu.be/lRDMBrxWtmI
Friday 21st May - 9.30am https://youtu.be/2hz2-w0FZIQ
Pentecost (Vigil) 22nd May - 5.30pm https://youtu.be/YhLfbrGvsJA
Pentecost 23rd May - 9.00am https://youtu.be/YM99sETUiBc
Pentecost 23rd May - 10.30am https://youtu.be/TfyeuO-kNHk
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Mass videos will remain on YouTube for a few days after the event.

If you require the Sacrement of the Sick please contact the parish office.

St Michael Catholic Church, Sonning Common is situated in South Oxfordshire and is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. As well as Sonning Common, the parish includes Emmer Green, Caversham Park Village in North Reading and a number of smaller South Oxfordshire villages including Kidmore End, Rotherfield Peppard and Stoke Row.


The aim of our website is two-fold:

  • To be a first point of contact and welcome for people searching for a Catholic church in this area.
  • To keep current members of the parish community informed of parish activities.

If you are new to the parish please click here or visit the New Parishioners page in the Parish Notes section.

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