St Michael Sonning Common
During the month of October recitation of the Rosary will follow the Tuesday and Thursday midday Masses.

St Michael's is open for Masses with a congregation. See the latest newsletter for Mass times.


Before attending Mass it is essential parishioners read the guidance for keeping us all safe by clicking on this link: 'Covid-19 precautions for attending Mass'

To help the authorities with Track & Trace should it be neccesary, we request you bring a piece of paper with your name and contact number to hand in at the church. All names of a family but only one contact number is required. Alternatively scan the church's QR code using the NHS Covid-19 App. You are not obliged to give this information to attend Mass.

To celebrate Mass at St Michael's we need volunteers to act as stewards. We are always looking form more stewards so if you can help and have no relevant underlying medical conditions please contact deacon Brian: deaconbrian100@gmail.com.

For those who are housebound or continue to shield all Masses will be live-streamed and can be accessed through the following links:

Thursday 29th October - 12.00pm https://youtu.be/DLwyYIWSSLw
Friday 30th October - 9.30am https://youtu.be/HimHBatvAM8
Sunday Vigil 31st October (All Saints) - 5.30pm https://youtu.be/D34AY6cG65s
Sunday 1st November (All Saints) - 9.00am https://youtu.be/Vsb3izE8a_s
Sunday 1st November (All Saints) - 10.30am https://youtu.be/I8o4f4-kxQ4
Monday  2nd November (All Souls)   - 9.30am https://youtu.be/JbApWLdTypI
Tuesday  3rd November   - 12.00pm https://youtu.be/0jeaMAWo8YM
Wednesday  4th November   - 9.30am (St Charles Borromeo) https://youtu.be/nMrjq53D_IA
Thursday 5th November - 12.00pm https://youtu.be/ON4-g2LGBxc
Friday  6th November   - 9.30am https://youtu.be/sFVFU-gn1N8
Sunday Vigil 7th November (32nd Sunday) - 5.30pm https://youtu.be/CFsp63NxTKA
Sunday 8th November (32nd Sunday) - 9.00am https://youtu.be/nVUlCDJNZ2c
Sunday 8th November (32nd Sunday) - 10.30am https://youtu.be/FKkub9Rakpg

Masses will be available on YouTube for viewing for up to 1 week after the event.

If anyone is in need of the sacrament of the sick (last rites) please contact Fr Michael on 0118 9723418

If you wish to make a financial donation to the parish this can be done online via the diocesan website at:https://www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk/support-our-work

Follow the instructions and select 'Sonning Common' when prompted.

The parish hall is now in use and new bookings are being taken.


St Michael Catholic Church, Sonning Common is situated in South Oxfordshire and is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. As well as Sonning Common, the parish includes Emmer Green, Caversham Park Village in North Reading and a number of smaller South Oxfordshire villages including Kidmore End, Rotherfield Peppard and Stoke Row.


The aim of our website is two-fold:

  • To be a first point of contact and welcome for people searching for a Catholic church in this area.
  • To keep current members of the parish community informed of parish activities.

If you are new to the parish please click here or visit the New Parishioners page in the Parish Notes section.

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